Physiotherapy in London Bridge

Physiotherapy in London Bridge

Physiotherapy treatment aims to improve a patient’s movement, function, and overall wellbeing. Physiotherapists encourage you to participate in your healing.

Our amazing physiotherapist team assesses, identifies, and manages signs of pain, injuries, and discomfort using the in-depth experience of how the body functions and advanced hands-on and hands-off professional expertise. Physiotherapy London Bridge encompasses recovery, accident prevention, and wellbeing and exercises promotion. To address an individual’s health care needs, our physiotherapists also collaborate with other health professionals.

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Physiotherapy is a holistic practice that acknowledges the patient as a whole, not just an injury. In the same way we would consider approaching the physical aspect of an MSK injury by studying the joint above and below, we also consider alternative components impacting the way the patient’s injury is presenting. The patient’s thought patterns and emotions can affect their behaviour towards treatment and this directly affects their outcome.


Patient experience, and outcome, is something at the heart of current practice. A recent publishing of Patient Opinion in 2011 showed that 29% of patients raised care and compassion as an issue with treatment they have received1. Considering a holistic approach, it is apparent that it is not just the physical aspect of treatment that impacts patient outcomes. The experience they have can directly affect their recovery also. This critical essay will review the current evidence considering the behavioural and cognitive approaches, with a view to enhance patient experience, whilst questioning the extent of which they belong in current practice.


The cognitive and behavioural approaches are psychological concepts that can be used to positively influence the patient emotions and attitudes towards treatment. Both are focused on eliciting a behaviour change, but the cognitive model considers how internal thought processes create a behaviour, and the behavioural model considers how behaviour is learnt from our environment.

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Our Physiotherapy in London Bridge is highly rated in the local area. To produce the highest possible results, our staff employs cutting-edge physiotherapy techniques.

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Physiotherapy may be needed at any age. It doesn’t matter if the person is a small child, a young adult, or an older adult. Whether you or a loved one has suffered from a sprain, stroke, or muscle condition, our Physiotherapist team in London Bridge will improve your general physical wellbeing and get you back on the road to healing quickly.

Our physiotherapists will evaluate your physical health, teach you about your pain and related problems, and then design a tailored recovery regimen tailored to your needs. You will experience improving results with our physiotherapy session.

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